Connecting the World...One Machine at a Time!

Machine-to-Machine Communications - it conjures up images from science fiction movies like Terminator or iRobot. Images of self-aware computers hell bent on taking over the world. But the reality of M2M is even more fascinating - millions upon millions of devices collecting information and relaying it to us. Information that helps us make better decisions, reduce overhead, lower energy consumption and improve our lives. Machines that we can control from anywhere in the world - even in remote locations.
M2M Consultants is a Full Service M2M and IoT Consulting firm. We can handle all of your project needs including hardware design, firmware, software and web services. We're leaders in the field with more 20 years experience in the M2M industry. And we've worked with all sizes of clients - from one-man startups to Fortune 500 companies. Here are just a few M2M applications:
Elderly/Child Monitoring
Lighting Automation
Appliance Control
HVAC Control
Pet Tracking
Remote Health Care
Power/Fuel Monitoring
Teen Driver Monitoring
Trail Marking & Mapping
Animal Tracking
GPS Locating
Vehicle Monitoring
Hunting & Trapping
Entertainment Systems
Equipment Monitoring
Irrigation Control
Asset Tracking
Crop Monitoring
Fleet Management
Livestock Monitoring
Warehouse Management
Remote Control & Monitoring
Test & Measurement
Facilities Monitoring
Safety Systems
Security Monitoring
Remote Instrumentation
Energy & Power Systems
We're constantly developing and testing new M2M/Iot Technologies and have a number of off-the-shelf products that we can employ to get your projects up-and-running quickly. Contact us today for a Free No Obligation Consultation and let use show you how we can make your M2M project a successful one. - Andy Beck
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